Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Once upon a time this stuff happened to other people, but I do remember my aunt saying, "I hope you don't get the Wattelet legs...."

Well, the Wattelet legs did bite me in a place just above the leg but only on one side, or so I thought.

When my right leg starting hurting the doctor ordered an ultrasound which revealed vein reflux disease. Sounds worse than it is but should be noted the only sign sending me to the doc was a single ugly vein and pain.

And reflux disease turned out to be in both legs, not one. Okay, good to know so there can be some prevention toward more issues like blood clots.

Next, what to do? Google of course, and while there are a lot of things I have not tried the things I have tried are working.

Here is the breakdown: first, get checked. Check. Use common sense. Check, check. My disease is in the main vein, cant operate or do much there, too much risk.

This thing I have is like a big river going into a small river and causing back up, the valves basically are not doing their job.

Mustard seed oil: many women around the world have used this for centuries for circulation.
Frankincense: I could go on and on about the healing properties and anti anti-flamatory benefits.
Horse chestnut seed: have not used this yet but heard good things....I keep adding. Its a process!
Butchers broom: more good reviews, I am adding this next month (it takes money y'all!).

Remember you can add anything, I add lavender and a blend I get from my Amish healer that helps with calcium build up, but the main ingredients are Mustard Seed and Frankincense for remedy sake.

If you want a more lotion like, thick result use bees wax ~ melt this in a glass jar in a pot of water. In other words place the glass jar in the water and low boil the bees wax until melted. Only fill the jar about 1/8 of the way up, bees wax goes a long way and too much will make your "lotion" too hard.

Oils Portion: 3 to five drops of frankincense per ounce of coconut oil (this is  your carrier), and I use Mustard Seed oil by sight, it must turn my lotion yellow.

Some people add baking soda, I have this in a separate jar in the shower as it acts like a natural skin cleanser and works great on the face. I only have the baking soda and coconut oil in that jar but you can add baking soda to your lotion without the bees wax if you want a "scrub" like affect.

Make sure you can fit your hand in the jar, I save jars from pickles, etc... they are awesome for stuff like lotions and if you drill a hole in the top of the lid can be a drinking glass with a spot for your straw to use in the great outdoors that our friendly bugs cannot fly into.... why buy this stuff?

I have two jars, with and one without beeswax, as I do lather this potion on every where with the lighter formula and use my heavier lotion formula for more moisture.

Because vein reflux disease stems from the valves, no pun intended, I try to lotion up that area where the valves are and, by the way, its a common condition I had never heard of and so there are a few other tips below if you're interested:

Other remedies that are helping:

  • Yoga, the inverted positions and stretching help the blood flow in opposite directions.
  • When watching TV at night or a movie I simply hold my legs directly up in the air for 20 to 30 minutes, its amazing what this can do for relieving pressure and swelling.
  • Stockings are recommended, have not tried them, they are called compression stalkings and can be bought for around $30, many people pay way too much....
  • I always have my feet up, a lot, when I sit ~ on something elevating them, etc.... even at work (under the desk) and eating I will sit cross legged.

Again, as you discover what you "need" you can add and take away, just play with it ~ OH! I also massage my lotion in and follow the problem areas with my hands, it can kinda hurt at first so be careful....and use an extra couple drops of Frankincense directly on the actual vein daily.

The "problem" vein has straightened out, yup, you heard me, it straightened itself out.... wish I had taken before and after pics!

Lastly, I cannot afford the "popular" oils in quantity, there are many good brands out there that are hitting the market and have received good reviews by reputable critics. I have posted a few starter links for your review.

Here is one link and I would add the company Art Naturals ~ all of these I buy from on Amazon:


Also, below is a decent link I found regarding vericose veins, and I believe my spider veins have diminished. Its kind of a 24/7 ordeal but if you just plug at it all the time (like legs in the air while on the couch just watching a movie) no extra time is taken out of your day.

Link: http://www.veindirectory.org/content/non-invasive-options/natural-varicose-vein-remedies

Message me for more if you have questions, good luck!

PS ~ I love mommy bloggers, have learned GREAT stuff from some really good mommy bloggers about natural remedies for hair loss (its working on me), ear infections (for my kiddo), cooking, etc.... just play around on the internet and find your best fit.